Update January 2022

It’s been a few months, and it’s slipped into a new year. 2022 seems to have started off with some pain for some, but hopefully, it’s going well for most.

My apologies for the silence, but I have had little to report overall, and I dislike writing the same things on here. Unfortunately, I do not have any good news regarding the series.

I started a new job in December (yay!) but although it is a vast improvement over its predecessor, it does currently contain a schedule with fewer hours and therefore less pay. So, for the time being, I still do not have an ETA on the continuation of the series. The price of editors/a cover artist/formator remains outside of my budget for the foreseeable future.

I have and will continue to, however, work on books 6 & 7. I’ve gone through both numerous times and am pretty pleased with where they are without my outside input (editors) working to correct the things that the author misses during our 5 thousand rereads. Book 8 remains with a draft, as I don’t want to run through it until I know the series is going forward. At this time, regretfully, it doesn’t look like it will continue in 2022.

But, as I often say, the 5 that are currently out in the wild would love some more eyes and some more reviews/ratings. Anything helps!

But, both to prove I am still working on things and to offer a bit of a tease, here are two snippets from the current WIPs. Edits, of course, have yet to occur, so things may change.

From book 6:


I remain the worst at handling my single social media account. It frustrates and baffles me, and I confess I am far better at simply following people and handing out “likes” than I am at getting involved in conversations. In fact, I pretty much crawled back into a hole on Twitter by the end of last year. But I do still have my account, and I do engage in a limited fashion on it, but if you are following me on Twitter…my apologies for the even greater crickets on that platform. 

Wishing everyone a good and/or better 2022! I’ll attempt quarterly updates unless I have good news to share!

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