October Update 2021

It’s been a few months since I posted anything, but as I haven’t had any big/good news, a monthly update didn’t seem beneficial. 

I’ve successfully done several readthroughs/revisions on books six and seven in the series. Both books have working titles I don’t hate, and the next step would typically be beta readers or an editor. Unfortunately, this is where the no news part comes in. Although both novels are “ready” to go to the next step, I do not foresee a time when that next step is possible. It’s frustrating, and depressing, but for now the series is officially at a stand still until a couple things change on my end.

Sadly this means I won’t be publishing the sixth book this year. It also means updates here will be infrequent unless I have any news to share. I’m not abandoning the series, and I will still be working on it, but it’s just going to be me working on it for the time being. 

If you’ve been waiting for book six, I apologize and I hope I have better news in the future. If you are waiting for the series to continue and haven’t yet left a rating/view of the current novels that have been released, please consider doing so. More eyes on the series would greatly aid its continuation.

I hope everyone’s 2021 is going  well, and if it isn’t I hope that luck changes soon!

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