Update April 2023

It’s been over a year since I last posted an update. I hope anyone who stumbles across this is doing well. In January of 2022 I was just over a month into a new job that was part-time and while much less stressful than the previous…it was the type of stress that comes with being brand new at a job and scrambling to learn all the things as you go.

2022 ended up being a chaotic year. For one, my part-time job ended up being not-so-part-time as my coworker with the full-time schedule had a lot going on and I kept ending up with 11 hours or more days. For 10 months, I never had a full two weeks of my schedule (to summarize how chaotic that was,) and attempting to have any sort of plans for that time was impossible because my schedule often shifted by the day.

Things settled in October, but went chaotic again in December with my coworker taking a different position, me moving into hers, and then me having both her shift and my shift again until someone took my shift (which thankfully happened in February) which meant 2023 started off stressful and frustrating.

Also in February was a move for my horse. Having been at the previous place for 5 years, trying to find a new place for him was tricky, plus, we were told we had until March and then kept getting pestered to move out earlier so I ended up scrambling to find a place while trying to get ready for a vacation out of state, which coincided with my poor old car deciding it also wanted several very expensive repairs and new tires to go with them.

2023 has therefore not been my friend.

Any chance of pushing a novel out this year seems low. Books 6 & 7 have been gone through so many times they are more than ready for an editor, but that’s as far as I can take them. Book 8 is an ongoing work in progress, but I also started a side project that might take the place of book 8 or become book 9. At the moment, I am leaning toward shifting this new book into the 8th slot even though it’s gone in a different direction than I intended but I do like where it is going. It’s also refreshing to start something new, and this book doesn’t follow Z around. Which is probably why it’s catching my attention.

I hope 2023 has been kinder than the last previous years to most. There has been an increase in ratings on Amazon for the series, and to whomever has been leaving those, you have my heartfelt thanks!

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