July Update 2021

It’s been a small amount of time since I last posted. I haven’t been able to accomplish as much as I would have liked, and things have been a touch too hectic in the recent scheme of things for me to have any good news worth sharing. I was hopeful a small miracle would occur and I would a) find another job or b) have less problems and stress at the current job or c) at least get a raise.

Unfortunately, none of the three happened and as my stress level has been a wee bit higher than I would like, I’ve been struggling to write. And, when I struggle to write, I feel unproductive which just adds to the already too high stress and things like posting updates that feel like no progress take a back seat.

I’ve also started having migraines, which is also not helping me focus on writing/revising. As they’re something that I wasn’t privy to beforehand, I’m not a huge fan of their arrival and since my current medical is terrible they’re also not something I can address for the time being.

Regretfully, I also have to move. I’ve been living in a travel trailer for 4.5 years due to the rent far outweighing the average salary in the area (or nearby areas) and that travel trailer has decided it needs way more repairs than I can afford and the whole rain coming in through the ceiling is possibly not the best living arrangement. So I’m moving back in with some of my family. I’m grateful for the option, but that’s going to take some adjusting on all sides. Wish us luck.

But, on to bookish updates!

Book six has been gone through start to finish about seven times. Every time I go through it I tweak a few more words but, at this point, it’s almost a nervous tick. In theory the next step is to send it to an editor, but that’s not in the budget at the moment so I am simply setting the book aside. I would love it to become part of the budget but, regretfully, I don’t see that happening in the near future unless a or c from above occurs.

I just started working on book seven. Yes, it’s finished in rough draft form. No, it would not be the last one in the series. A lot happens in book six that sets up book seven for some rather large changes. It’s always fun to work on the various books in the series I have, but I do have to be in the right mindset, hence the delay in updates as I have not.

In summary, I am still working on the series, and there is still more going on, but I sadly do not have any updates on if or when the next book will make it to the wild.

However, if you like the series, here are a couple things you can do as a reader to help me:

  1. Rate/Review the books on Amazon/Goodreads
  2. Promote the books to friends/family

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and experiencing a return to somewhat of a normal life, but on the off chance you are not, I hope you can one day soon.

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