May Update!

It’s the middle of May and things are pretty much the same in my area. Hopefully things are returning to some sort of normal where others are or everyone is behaving and doing their best to keep others safe.

When The Kingdom Falls is currently FREE as an ebook until Monday. Once that ends, all four books will be returning to their usual price so grab a copy of one or all while you can!

I’m working on a new side project that may or may not become something in the future. While I’m still working on revising Book 5 in the Arbais series, I needed to do something different as well. Different characters are always fun to meet, and a different setting entirely is nice to visit before returning to Z and her allies.

One small request: To anyone who has read my series and hasn’t already done so, if you would consider leaving a review (it can be super short!) or a rating on Goodreads or Amazon, I would be grateful. Or recommend the series, if you enjoyed it, to a friend or relative if you think it’s up their alley. Reviews/recommendations help others consider giving my series a shot, and since I don’t have a marketing team behind me, thoughts of those who have read it do wonders!

I’m still working my job and while it is daunting at times since I am constantly interacting with the public, I am grateful to still have a job in these uncertain times. I’m hopeful the world will soon have a better idea of what’s coming next rather than the bunch of questions, shrugs, and maybes we’ve been seeing in many places. And I think everyone would like some honest, true, good news.

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