June Update -Amazon deals! Social Media musings, news about the series.

Let me start it off with the good news:  I’m running a couple of specials on the series from now until just past the weekend. Books one to three (When The Kingdom Falls, The Price of Survival, and The Danger with Allies) are free until Monday, June 29th. When Forces Rise, or book four, will be on sale for $0.99 today until Monday as well.

Click here to find the whole series!

I lost track of time in June. While I was constantly working because my job is considered essential in my area, my schedule changed, and it allowed me to have some extra free time…which ended up assisting me to blur all the days together.

I’ve also been struggling with social media. I’m not very interactive, and I don’t have a huge following, but Twitter seems to get lit on fire almost daily, and since I’m not very active, it intimidates me and makes me shy back from wanting to try and engage more than I have been, which is hardly at all, to begin with. And since Twitter was the platform I attempted to start with, the fact that I’m apprehensive about using it is a bad sign.

So, for now, I’m staying within my usual semi-activeness or stepping back even more. I’m not sure anyone will notice, but on the off chance someone is curious, the reason why is above.

On the topic of news regarding the series, I have little. I’ve revised book five all the way through, once. To move forward, I’d generally do about 3-5 more rereads and revises before reaching out to an editor and moving forward with the editing process and getting the ball rolling to publish.

But, here is a small hitch. At the moment, it’s a struggle to push forward with the next step, and based on the notice the series has received up until this point, I’m uncertain it will be continued. However, since book four did end with a few events decidedly not finished, dropping the series would be a bit cruel to the readers who are invested in the characters. So, I haven’t completely paused on the next book, however, I am not convinced it’s going to print. It may, unfortunately, be delayed because I am on the fence about it. As a decision is made, I’ll post updates.

Outside of writing, my close family and friends have remained healthy and safe. If anyone has any family or friends who have gotten/are sick from COVID, I hope they have either recovered or are on the mend.



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