When Forces Rise Release Day!

Today’s the day! Both the ebook and the print versions of  When Forces Rise are available on Amazon. The print/ebook copies aren’t linked yet but they can be found here: ebook edition and here: print version. For any Kindle Unlimited subscribers, the novel should also be available there as well. The kindle version will continue to be priced at $0.99 for the next foreseeable future due to the ongoing state of the world. Should that price, should the price of any books in the series, be set to change, I will post a warning.

I picked April 14th to release When Forces Rise for a reason that has little to do with the series but a lot to do with me. My horse, Dakkar, turns 7 today and I wanted to celebrate a little bit in a different than usual way. Especially with COVID-19 still causing so much uncertainty and difficulties for the world. Everyone around me is so fair still safe and healthy and I hope the same can be said for you and those close to you.

I’m still working my full-time job as it is listed as essential though I am taking care to keep myself and those I interact with safe.

On the writing front, I am deep into revising book 5 (yes, no name yet, which should come as no surprise) and it is going well if a bit slow at times. No plans on a release timeline as it is too far away from receiving help from an editor, but I’m please at what I’ve gone through so far.

I am hopeful things around the world start to improve for the better for everyone soon. Stay safe and well in all its forms out there!



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