End of March update – Full print cover!

I’m super excited to share this as it means 1) the print book should be ready to go live within a day or two of the ebook and 2) the full cover is my personal favorite.


And for those who haven’t seen it and do not what to click on the image 🙂

Her world has been preparing for war since before she was born. Now the confrontation that will decide its fate and others is fast approaching. Will the Alliance be enough, or will the tentative unions that Z spent years cultivating collapse in the face of their largest challenge?

The past five years have been kind to few; the previous year brought many of the kingdoms to their knees. Still struggling to regain a few of the kingdoms Midestol overthrew, Z is also dealing with the aftermath of a betrayal, the loss of her final Guardian, and the results of surrendering her Ranger title, a title the Rangers would prefer she continued to hold.

Yet Z is aware she cannot continue to be what she was to the people who originally saved her, and pretending that she can will only weaken them in ways she cannot afford. If she is to claim any of the seats of power offered to her, she cannot have a claim in the Ranger Council no matter the pain it causes her or her people.

But the Rangers are not the only race struggling to accept the change in status of one of their own. The Dragons have summoned Nivaradros to the Isle, and Z is certain it is not to offer him apologies or commendations for his actions during the past several years. It may be time to remind the Dragons of the power of an Arbais mage and the fact that Nivaradros stands outside their race on his own.

If they can survive the Isle, if Z can unify the races into the army she requires, will they have enough power to stand against Midestol? The beginning of a battle can often predict the victor, and Z knows her losses will be high. She’ll lose allies, heirs, kingdoms, friends, and possibly more before one side is victorious. And should things progress the way Z intends, her allies will be standing on the field without her.

Friendly reminder that this entire ebook version of the series is on sale for $0.99 – including When Forces Rise. The release date is still set for April 14th, 2020 for the eBook version and probably April 15th or 16th for the paperback.

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane during these difficult times in the world!

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