January 2020 Update – When Forces Rise

A belated welcome to everyone to 2020 from me. I hope the start to the new year has had few (if any) hiccups and for the most part the new year is treating you well. Things have been a bit hectic on my end, but hopefully, things will settle down enough I can truly plan things out.

I’m a bit late on a January update, but there is a reason; I was waiting to hear back from my editor so I would have official shinny news for any curious parties.

So. Do I have news?


Today I was handed back the entire manuscript of the novel I am going to call When Forces Rise. Although there are a bunch of edits to wade through, there is a fair amount of positive feedback as well which is always appreciated. I tend to see all the red and panic, which makes the occasional “I like this” or something along those lines reassuring.

Outside of the edits, my editor liked the novel. Which means, I hope, that once it’s polished any readers will love it as well. I’m still aiming for an early summer release, but that requires quite a bit more work on me to polish this up in time. And I need to get a cover.

Which brings me to update #2. For the first time ever I was able to also hand in a blurb possibility with the manuscript for a look over. Normally the blurb is the last thing I manage to complete, and having one ahead of times means (in theory) I can reveal both the ebook cover and the print cover at once. Stay tuned for more news/an eventual reveal on that front!


Happy end of January everyone!

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