Another December Update!

The holidays I celebrate are right around the corner. My schedule for this workweek is all wonky because of it, and I’m a little apprehensive about the next two weeks. So. If you are in the same boat, feeling overwhelmed over any holiday you celebrate or just life in general, I hope your next two weeks and beyond go well.

I’ve ended the Kindle Sale of the series. Books have returned to their normal prices. My editor was kind enough to email me a week or so ago to let me know that so far the process is going smoothly (hurray for small miracles) as the only things that had shown up were my usual mistakes (I’m claiming this as a good thing.)

The ETA for me being handed the giant pile of revisions is the end of January and, depending on how fast I can get through them, it still puts the book on a possible summer release. If the name continues to fit and the revisions do not grow into something that requires a lot of rewriting. Fingers crossed!

There has always been an extensive history behind this series. I’ve always been curious if any of it has made a reader wonder about the details. I, possibly unfortunately, know quite a lot of it.

One of those backstories that ran off with my interest is the history of the Dragons. Most specifically the fall of that empire and the death of Nivaradros’s grandfather. Of all the histories in my novels and other series I am fond of, that past, that story, is one of three that broke my heart the most.

To the point I’d be willing to type out the fall of the empire, but after other projects have been completed, and likely only if others wanted to know the long version. The short version I can sum up in a few paragraphs. But a summary would remove characters I feel people would love, and erase the full feel of just how wrong the Dragons were when they chose to overthrow the Dragon who saved, united, and protected them.

And I got a bit sidetracked. So, happy holidays again and may good luck carry you into the new year. New decade even, as that seems to be a big thing to point out this year!

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