February 2020 update

At least it’s only the middle of the month this time, right? For as long as January seemed, February seems to be disappearing quicker than I anticipated. I’m still wading through the edits of  When Forces Rise, but I am on Chapter 11 of 27 if I count the different perspectives that start/end the novels so I am making progress. Other than grinding through the edits, however, my progress is going to be very limited to outside eyes.

March, however, will hopefully allow me to share a couple things.  Both the e-book and the physical book covers are in the plans to reveal which also means the blurb for the next set of events in Z’s life will be shared as well. I’m also, depending on how editing goes in between my other job and outside distractions, confident I will have a better grasp of a set release date. It’s still looking like a summer plan thus far, but things could change if I can arrange all the pieces quicker than I anticipated.

If winter is being stubborn for you as much as it has been for me, my sincerest apologies and offers of support are extended. After listening to people complain for a few weeks in January regarding our lack of snow (really, I never worry until June, so why others panic in the middle of winter when our heaviest snowfalls are spring, I will never know) we have had snow at least every three days since February started meaning if I can accomplish nothing on the keyboard, I at least get to practice my shoveling skills.

Regardless of the season you are experiencing though, I hope 2020 is treating everyone well and stay tuned for a couple reveals in March!

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