December Update 2019 – Kindle Sale Continues.

Less than a full month until 2020 and When Forces Rise is now with my editor. It will be a little while until I receive it back and then there will be lots of changes to go through before the next step in making the book live can proceed.

This time I’m waiting to hear back on both the blurb (yes, I did have one slightly ahead of my norm this time. Go me.) and the general direction of the story before I commission a cover. There are a couple reasons for this.

First: I like the current title, but I am curious about outside thoughts so it would be best to wait for another couple of opinions in case I change it again.

Second: I’m really aiming to have both the e-cover and the print cover ready for reveal at the same time which means I need to A) have the blurb ready and B) know the official page count. As both are likely to change in the near future, I’m going to wait.

The .99 cent Kindle sale is still ongoing! Snatch up a couple to complete your collection of the series if you haven’t already or recommend the series to others if you enjoyed it and urge friends and family to snatch up three novels at a discount!

Holidays, several different ones, are swirling closer to everyone. No matter if you celebrate (or what you celebrate) award people around you some extra time or thoughts. This is the time of the year where stress levels rise for all the good that occurs.

Wishing everyone safe and magical holidays! May your 2020 start off incredible!


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