Mid-October Update: Short News

Book four may actually have a title. The word may is key here as there is always the chance I will change it. In theory book four already had a title, but I axed it as it wasn’t fitting and it had been a placeholder rather than permanent name. But even if this current title doesn’t stay, it is further along than I was a couple weeks ago.

I also have a rough outline of a blurb. As the blurb is often the most elusive part of the novel being released, I’m relieved to have something down ahead of time. It also means, should both the title and the blurb make it to the final stages, I’d actually be ahead in my process for once.

But, all of these pieces are not enough to hand out a date for the release. First and foremost I need to pin down a date with my editor to go through book four so I can go through more sets of revisions. And without that rather large step, the rest of the pieces have little bearing.

I’m still overall pleased with book four. I will drop a hint and admit the war that has been building since book one (since long before book one, to be honest) will begin in book four.

I’m hoping to have a more solid update sometime in November, but I was excited to report progress on two things that have been causing lengthy trouble in the past.

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