October Update

Another month flew by, and I feel like I made some progress, but not as much as I had hoped. Book four is still nameless, and I still have two chapters to go through on my “major” revision. As this is generally my first pre-editor run, it tends to be the most important and I think I cringed less in this novel than others. Other than the namelessness that shall continue…

This is also likely to be the last novel without a repeating opening/closing POV. I debated changing the POV opening for book five (which has a tentative name) but ultimately I believe the novel would suffer for it. Of course, this could still change.

Fall is slowly creeping into my home city and it’s a reminder of how much I still need to do before anything can happen. It’s been a bit of a crazy year between changing editors, changing jobs, and just keeping up with the day to day tasks.

I am, however, pleased with book four. It’s not my favorite, but things are shifting even more from book three and the war that’s been looming in the distance is coming. Not that any of my characters are thrilled with that.

Unfortunately, this is about all I have for an update for the moment. If book four decides to finally tell me its name my hope is to be able to both announce it and acquire a cover for it within the next several months. For the first time, I actually might have an idea for the cover based on the events inside.

Happy Fall to those of us experiencing it, and happy other season to those of you experiencing something other, even if that other should be fall but is really just a continuation of summer 😉

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