November Update

Winter has visited my home a few times already. Summer weather has been washed out by icy cold days and snowstorms, only to regain its throne, only to lose it. It’s been fun. I feel for the animals that call my state home; Dakkar has been less than thrilled over the changes.

But, I do have news. Book four, which I will tentatively announce has the title of When Forces Rise, is slated to start the editing process with my editor in December which means if all goes well, it could be live by summer.

When Forces Rise is undergoing personal revisions by me in the meantime. I am really excited, as I’ve said before, with the content overall. Things will be changing, and while When Forces Rise, and the novel after it, also broke my heart at times, I’m hoping readers will enjoy it.

The story also has a possible blurb, as I’ve mentioned before and I’ve had positive feedback regarding it which implies it may only need minor tweaks.

But, the two major updates were the release of the novel’s tentative name, and a possible release time period. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them 🙂

Holidays, so many of them, are upon us. My birthday is closing in this month, several holidays will occur within the next three months. For anyone celebrating any of them; may they bring you happiness and good times.

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