Kingdom lines and backstories tied to music.

That’s right! Guess who decided to chart families (very, very immediate families) of the races/kingdoms of the series? Me!

I know there are a lot of characters in the Journey of an Arbais Mage series. Trust me, I know. But, I wanted a world and it’s been in my mind forever, so there is a massive amount of history, kingdoms, races (or species if we want to use the “official” present day term) and family lines. Though I’ve pretty much mapped out the immediate families (do you really want more? I thought not) to all the kingdoms with the exception of the Rangers and Dragons due to their…well loose council structure of government (I am not mapping out the lines of thousands of Dragons and nine Ranger council members. Sorry 😉 ) I’m only going to post the most relevant ones to When the Kingdom Falls and The Price of Survival. 

This means the Syallibions, the Satyelians, the Hlyanstans, the Vyenrians, the Nialtians, and the three races of perfection. Those would be, if anyone has forgotten: the Alantaions, the Ryelentions, and the Dralations.

Now, there will be several names I didn’t/haven’t mentioned as it is a family tree of sorts. For example, Shalion was not the original Heir to his lands. Nor was Zyrhis. I did briefly outline some of the unfamiliar names, but there will be some without backstory. I also didn’t add one of the heirs from When the Kingdom Falls (Psitin) in, as he was mostly just present in name and there were starting to be a lot of these for this post.

I’m also including Z’s lineage here to a point. She has one more ancestor that is famous (and you’ll learn more about him in The Danger with Allies) so I’m restricting her family tree to Midestol/the Idiot down to her for the time being. I’ll reupdate it when book three is live.

So, the races of perfection:

races of perfection lines

The Syallibions, the Nialtians, and the Vyenrians:

sabaias lines

And Z’s lineage…and two of the other mortal races of her world. The ~ is a symbol for mortals in this manner.

z lines

So there you have. There are family lines. I sort of know what I’m doing. And…I may have just sent you screaming for the hills. This isn’t even all of them, but its a start 🙂


I’m curious as to whether any other writers out there tie music into their characters or scenes? Most of Z’s history/interactions with the heirs in the beginning or their esteemed parents has been loosely tied to songs. As odd as this sounds, stay with me. I’ve known this world, these characters, for decades. It made choosing a starting point for the series damn near impossible. But, Z undergoes the most change/growth around the point I started, and she’s finally able to sort of step over her scarred past enough to seem less…inhuman.

But, I love that history. And the interactions/meeting with the heirs. Heck, even the death of Krihistin, though scarring and brutal, is vividly there. Some of these events are always stored away, but some of them…some of the battle scenes and interactions with Nivo/Midestol/Nicklyn and others, are tied to songs. The song itself becomes the scene and no matter how often I listen to that song, or how long its been since I’ve heard it, that memory/event is tied with the song and it’s always vivid and present when I hear that music. Has anyone else experienced that? Or have something similar going on? Or is this just more of my special kind of craziness?


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