Happy 2019! Resolutions and whatnot

2019 has arrived. I haven’t decided my overall opinion of this madness, other than the fact I’m feeling old. Life choices will do that to you.

Quite a lot went down in 2018 that left me feeling a little…uncertain, scattered, frantic, and defeated, so 2019 doesn’t have to change much to beat it. I hope everyone else had a good 2018, but if yours was also a bit much, may the new year bring something much more positive around overall.

I’m still in the process of trying to find a new career path. This is, in my case, terrifying as I’m not the world’s best at change and I’ve been in my previous career for fifteen years professionally and twenty-two years if we include volunteering.

What career path was I in? I was an equestrian, and I tested the waters in several different areas of the industry.

I do/did love working with horses. I do/did love working at the physical level required, but it does take its toll and my last job was such a catastrophe that I ended up needing to step back. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing next though so I may end up back in the industry simply because most places I’ve reached out to for employment, can envision equine experience transferring to their profession. What they don’t get is I have worked for months at a time without a day off, worked the full twenty-four hour day for up to 72 hours, worked pretty much every holiday, and been around situations that went from bad to worse to heartbreaking. I had a lot of fun and great times as well, but the horse industry is definitely a hard-working one.

Anyway…something should eventually pop up. If not, like a friend and former employer has said, I have the experience and the background to slip right back into horses with absolutely no problem.

But! For 2019, I have some goals.

  1. To find a new editor. I reached out to a potential one in December, but after crickets for over two weeks…I’m going with I need to find someone else.
  2. Succeed in finding said editor and getting The Dangers with Allies out in the wild by the end of the year. If I’m super fortunate, maybe even book 4 *gasp*
  3. Try to get some more eyes (reviews) on When the Kingdom Falls and The Price of Survival. I’ve done several giveaways, but so few people seem interested in giving reviews that despite the fact the books are getting ratings on Goodreads, neither Goodreads nor Amazon has a lot of reviews.
  4. Try to figure out Twitter more – I legit struggle with Twitter. Hashtagging has never been my thing to begin with and Twitter is positively mystifying. I know it’s supposed to be a “thing” of my generation, but that part of it seems to be almost beyond me.
  5. This one is up in the air, but perhaps write a few more short stories based in Z’s universe and actually post them on the blog for readers. With my preference for having an editor try to minimize spelling/grammatical errors, this may not happen, but it is a thought.

How about everyone else? Any resolutions?


I’m also toying with the idea of a once-a-month get-to-know-a-side-character blog post where readers could either ask questions to a specific side character or I could type up a set of questions/answers ahead of time and post them. Any interest to either scenario?





3 thoughts on “Happy 2019! Resolutions and whatnot

  1. Good luck with all of your goals (especially the job searching one; that is never easy!). If you’re looking at freelance editors, I can’t recommend Sione Aeschliman or Jeni Chapelle high enough. They are both gems to work with, very positive and prompt, and I don’t think you could go wrong with either of them!


    1. Thanks! I may already have a lead on the job so fingers crossed that search is ending. And thank you for the freelance editor recommendations! I will definitely go check them out 🙂


      1. Fingers are definitely crossed! Job searching is the worst. Yay, I hope you’re able to work with one of them! They are seriously fantastic. Regardless, good luck on your editor search, as well!


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