February Update

Let me just start by saying I’m a little frightened of 2019. We’re already in the second month of the year, and I would almost swear we started January yesterday. Though fast years can be a good thing, I am uncertain what I would prefer for 2019 at this time.

Hopefully the year is going smoothly for everyone. I’m not sure it counts as smooth over on my end precisely, but it’s been manageable enough so far.

Onto updates!

  1. I got a job. And started it.

I will note now that changing my careers at this stage of my life to the level I did may not be in my favor. I went from 100% outdoors with horses to 100% indoors with nothing that crosses over from my past jobs other than people interaction.

So…there is the flatout panic of trying to learn the flow of a new job times to the extreme by the fact that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. (yay…*sarcasm*)

2. Due to the new job and training and craziness. I am a little behind on…oh, everything else >.<

It’s in dire straights enough that I’m considering dropping a game I’ve been playing since essentially 2001 just to try and break above the tides. I’ve managed to get to work (this is the end of my 2nd week if we include training,)  try to learn things, and ride/take care of Dakkar – my soon-to-be 6 yr old AQHA gelding , also know as my horse. Info on him and my other pets can be found HERE.

But…I did remember to post this, so perhaps things will return to normal-ish here shortly. I’m tentatively looking in to commissioning a map for the series, however this is farrrrr down on my list of things to do. First and foremost is getting book three out to the wild.

3. I actually got to read books for fun! (What?!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything new, but an author I adore just released a new novel (which I read that night in a few hours) and has another slated for the end of this month as well so I got to take a break from seeing books as an author in exchange for seeing books as a reader. I still have to write a review on the various platforms (speaking of which, here is a friendly reminder to leave even tiny reviews on books you’ve read. Amazon doesn’t kick in to help until 25 or so reviews) but I am hoping to do that either this weekend, or next.

4. Which brings me to hopefully the best news for some people: The Danger with Allies may have a new editor. I tentatively have a slot for book three to see professional eyes sometime this month which means the ball may (finally) be rolling towards publication.

Should all the tiles land correctly, The Danger with Allies could go live somewhere between the end of spring/start of summer. So if you’re waiting impatiently to find out if I’m actually nice to Z in book three (though this is inaccurate since I do try to be nice to Z only to have her and everyone else scatter in dangerous directions instead of listening to me) there is a potential light at the end of the tunnel.

And if all goes incredible…perhaps books 4 and 5 will be even faster in their releases. No promises on these two though as there is a lot of things to calculate.




Putting a break in the blog for the following update.

When the Kingdom Falls and The Price of Survival are both on sale for the next month or so for $0.99 ebook format. So if you are enjoying the series…recommend it to friends or strangers while it’s at a steal of a price.

Links to both books are available below!

When the Kingdom Falls: Journey of an Arbais Mage 1

The Price of Survival: Journey of an Arbais Mage 2






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