Late August update

It’s been a little bit and while I don’t have a lot of news to report, I do have some news. The Dangers With Allies is, in theory, getting stronger every time I go through it. There is still no ETA on when the manuscript will head to the editor, but book four, which has the working title of The Calm Before the War, is also going fairly well in its very early stages of revision.

But back to The Danger With Allies, so far the working title is still growing on me, which means the chances of that title staying is raising. Yay for progress. Also, the first chapter/pre-chapter that will start the novel off is still from Kitra’s point of view. It’s nice to give her a little more page time, and it will give the readers a brief view into the complicated relationship between Zimliya and her last remaining Guardian. I’m hoping, within the next week or so as part of the September update, to post a screenshot the first page as a teaser. If you’re interested in those, stay tuned.

And I may have posted this before, but I am uncertain so I am going to post it again. Up until now, the novels have had the opening and closing viewpoints as immortals, both living and dead. In this novel, the starting and finishing viewpoints will be mortals. Humans to be precise. The first viewpoint I’ve already revealed, but the second might also be of interest. It is one that borders the gap between mortality and immortality, and it is not one of Zimliya’s allies. Would anyone care to take a guess of who will be speaking last in the novel?

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