Official August Update

Or, at least, the first one. Knowing how things have been going lately, I might post a few more. First off, I would like to say thank you to anyone who may have purchased When the Kingdom Falls while it was discounted.

People also picked up The Price of Survival, though it was at and still is at full price, and if you happen to stumble back here (or have been here at all), once again you have my thanks. Best of luck to any other authors competing in the SPFBO. It’s a bit nerve-wracking waiting for what the judges think on your novel. At the moment, mine doesn’t have a date for a review, but all of August is booked, so we’re looking at September or later.

Regular updates:

The Danger With Allies is still exactly where its been for the last several posts 😦 It’s still complete, still with betas, and still waiting for a slot in my time and the editor’s time to go. I would be willing to post very small tidbits (maybe a sentence or two) here and on Facebook for any interested parties curious to see if I’m managed to keep my writing style, but I would need to hear feedback if such a thing is sought.

Also, I’m debating on novellas/short stories regarding Z’s past. They’d be, for now, to followers/subscribers to my newsletter and they’d be rough draft stories without an editor (in theory, so long as they stay short. I haven’t attempted short in earnest yet so if it is a massive fail we may just have a pre-book in the lineup of releases). If this would interest anyone…let me know. I’ve got probably at least a hundred background stories rumbling around in my head while I write going forward, so they’re there, it’s simply a matter of if anyone wants them 😉 I’m focused on books three through five at the moment but I’d be happy to take time to write something shorter if there is some interest in character’s history. Either together with Zimliya (such as meetings, specific battles, etc.) or just side character’s background with certain events on their own.

Again, if this interests people, say so 😉 I hope everyone is still having a good year and a wonderful summer (or any other season for those outside of the USA) and that if you have family going back to school, or you yourself are going back to school, that the stress remains low. You can do this!

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