It’s September: Update time

As promised, here is the September update. I waited until today for an update of the month because When the Kingdom Falls was entered into the 4th SPFBO (Self-published Fantasy Blog Off) and the review by the first, and possibly the only, judge to view it has come to light. If writing is a personal process, and it is, reading is even more so and one never knows how something will be received, reacted to, or thought of by outside eyes.

The review from Esme of The Weatherwax Report blog dropped today, and I could not be more grateful for it. So, if you enjoying reading reviews, take a look at not only the review When the Kingdom Falls received, but also the rest of the blog itself, it’s pretty neat and I have picked up several book recommendations from there, and good recommendations are worth their weight (at least to me) in gold. Or magic. Possibly both. Where is the link, you ask? Let me make it hopefully easy to spot: When the Kingdom Falls Review.

In other news, fall is pretending to exist by the slowly shrinking daylight but appears to be in argument with summer since the temperature is still scorching. I’ll blame it on a Dragon. I’m not even picky about which one since I currently am working with three and none of them are on my good side.

I teased a possible screenshot of the opening (and unedited…allow me to stress the word -unedited-) part for book three and, after a couple weeks to consider it, I’m going to post that picture. Reminder: some/all of this could change. Disclaimer: it is unedited. But, here we go: 2018-09-14 (3)

Revisions on this work in progress are still ongoing but, in theory, this means by the time I can send it to my editor, it might be able to go through the whole process of editing quickly, which would make getting it into the wild go even faster than the other two. A girl can dream, right?


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