July Update

It’s almost the middle of July and like most places surrounded by summer, the heat is here and turned up. Having an outside job, extreme weather is always a challenge to handle and dealing with the heat is no exception.

But, onto writing updates. The Danger with Allies is still with beta readers, still being tweaked here and there by me, and still waiting for a trip to the editor. I’d love to give an ETA on that occurring, but it’s still up in the air as it will happen when I can amass enough funds to send it. Which is depressing as I know anyone who read the last book in the series, The Price of Survival, may currently hate me.

For the record, I have no control over my characters and even cautioning them against certain decisions generally has no effect on the outcome because they do it anyways.

I will say though that the POV shift in book three starts with Kitra, which should hopefully be of interest.

Outside of writing and working on the other novels in the series (yes, that’s right, I said other novels) I’ve been playing with my cats, my horse, and trying to make it to this years Renaissance Festival before it ends in the second week of August.

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