New website!

New look and new home for the site as of July 3rd! Hopefully this site is nicer, neater, and more user friendly. As you can see from a previous blog post I am currently running a giveaway through Goodreads (which can be found HERE) and a private giveaway for signed paperback copies of either book (more information about that exclusive giveaway can be found HERE).

So, welcome to the new site and still feel free to reach out to me!

Minor updates on The Dangers With Allies – it’s still being revised and looked over by myself and beta readers, but if there is an interest I can post snippets here or on Facebook is anyone is interested and/or has a preference of where they wish to see those types of updates.

I’m also toying with the idea of exclusive short stories or novellas to readers who join my mailing list so if you’d like to see more of the series (and more of a specific character) signing up for my mailing list is a great way to get extra interactions with the characters from my series while the wait for book three continues!

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