Another July update: some changes

So, first off, no new news regarding The Danger with Allies and publication. I hate to be the bearer of disappointing information, but since I am posting another July post, I figured I’d announce that information first.

Of course, I can say that my beta readers have thus far said book three in the series is their favorite so far and the best written in their eyes, which is always nice to hear. But, outside of that, there is no new info on the new book other than I haven’t burned it and most of the characters have been behaving as much as they ever do.

The giveaway for The Price of Survival on Goodreads just concluded and while the results were a lower number of interested parties than I would have liked to see, I am hopeful at least some of them love the book. I am also wishing that they read book one before book two (or don’t hold it against me if they do read out of order) but…yeah.

Anyways, onto the point of this post. Apparently, during some unheard of level of self-confidence, I entered When the Kingdom Falls in the 2018 SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) which, I’m beyond nervous about as When the Kingdom Falls is in theory up against 300 other fantasy books, and currently is up against thirty novels in the first round. The Weathermax Report is the blog that is starting with When the Kingdom Falls so if you are interested in following my novel’s possibly short run (or just interested in following the contest itself) you can find out more HERE. I’m wishing the best of luck to everyone who entered the contest as a whole, but the whole thing is slightly overwhelming as well from my chair. A huge thanks to all the judges, the organizers, and every other author who entered as well, and I hope everyone has a good time. The SPFBO officially kicks off August 1st, 2018 but it sounds like a lot of the judges have already started reading their first set of books.

Also, there may be some nifty deals/chances for new books at cheaper prices on the horizon for this event, so keep tabs on my website/my Goodreads page for follow up information.

I hope the summer heat for those of us experiencing it has not been beating you down too much! May a break in the weather be headed all our ways.

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