Giveaway for The Price of Survival on Goodreads!

Better late then never! I’m running a giveaway starting June 19th for 100 Kindle copies of The Price of Survival! If you have been waiting to pick up a copy of the second book in the Journey of an Arbais Mage series now is your time to get it. The link for the giveaway can be found HERE.

I’m also willing to offer 5 signed paperback copies of When the Kingdom Falls or The Price of Survival to the first five people located in the USA who reach out to me from one of the following three places. Reaching out to me on this website, reaching out to me through my Goodreads account (please message me there referencing the post on this site), or by reaching out to me on my Facebook page and mentioning this blog post. The only thing I’d request is an honest review from your copies of the novel. Unfortunately at this time I am only able to offer this to members in the USA due to shipping costs.

So, sign up on Goodreads for the Kindle copy of The Price of Survival, or be one of the first five people to reach out to me either here, on Goodreads, or on Facebook to receive a signed paperback copy of either When the Kingdom Falls or The Price of Survival. 

News outside of the giveaways is slim. I am still revising The Dangers with Allies and my beta readers are still working their way through it.

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