November Update 2.0 – Cover Reveal!

As I hinted in the original November Update, a cover was to be forthcoming sometime this month. I am happy to report, the eBook cover is now finished and ready to be revealed 🙂

Unfortunately the paperback cover is still in the wind , but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the title of book five, its eBook cover, and the book’s blurb.

War is something the extremely foolish, ambitious, or desperate become entangled in. For the Alliance, the war they’ve been engaged in for over a year is strictly an act of preservation. The cost, should they lose, is something none of them will survive, and the price already extracted is exorbitant. Whole kingdoms and races have been erased from the world. And the woman the Alliance united behind left them in the hands of a Dragon only a handful trust, departing to fight a separate battle on her own. A battle that will decide the fate of their world no matter which army triumphs.

But there has been no sign or word of Z since the war began. Having dragged Midestol to a shadow land in a precarious gamble, Z afforded her allies the best chance to defeat the enemy as Midestol’s army seldom functions well without its head. Yet the sheer size of the army may make her risk futile since numbers can topple the mightiest of forces, and morale is falling within the Alliance ranks. Should they be without their own leader for too long, the Alliance could falter, and should Z perish at Midestol’s hands, any chance of victory will be lost.

Worse, even if the war is won by the Alliance, the recovery may break the survivors. Numerous kingdoms were seized, ransacked, and damaged or razed before the start of the main battle. Leaving the certainty of a home to return to a large question for many, and food scarce or nonexistent for more. There is no easy or welcome path awaiting the war’s conclusion. Allies united by desperation may seek to strengthen themselves through the harm of others, and threats lurking in the shadows may emerge feeling their time to succeed in their own goals has arrived.

If Midestol and his warriors are defeated, Z’s world will have to rebuild. Rebuild kingdoms, populations, lives, and the path the world follows. Z, if she defeats Midestol and returns alive, also has mantles of power awaiting her. Something she has never sought, and something she would still rather avoid. Survival is only the first step of many for Z’s world, and the steps that follow may be more expensive than those who endured are capable of paying.

I’m still seeking a December release date on Amazon, so keep an eye out for either another November update or news in the first part of December!

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