November Update!

I got a bit caught up in things and haven’t posted an update in a while. If anyone has been patiently (or impatiently/worriedly) waiting for an update, my apologies for the delay.

The rest of August, the start of September, and the whole of October were a bit difficult at times. I did have surgery in September, which put me out of work for six weeks and added both stress and financial strain (though admittedly the financial strain was mostly felt in October.) 

September was also the month we got some difficult news regarding my younger sister who has had an impressive list of health issues and difficulties the whole of her life. The good news is after the whole of her existence thus far being a slew of questions, we finally have an answer that rolls all of her experiences into one condition…the bad news is that diagnosis wasn’t something anyone ever really wants to hear. It made September a doubly rough month and I still haven’t fully put that part of it behind me. 

But, onto more positive news. I have quite a few things actually, and while I was going to wait a little bit longer to reveal some of it, I’m settling for just having multiple November posts instead. So…the good news?

Book five has been sent to an editor, gotten returned, and was my project during my six weeks of surgery recovery meaning all revisions are completed! It also has a name, a blurb, and has a slot to get a cover sometime this month 🙂

Which means…it may actually come out before 2021! All signs are point to a December release date as long as no surprise push it back and I couldn’t be more excited. Hopefully, others are excited as well!

I’m planning on revealing the name/cover/blurb all in one go as soon as the cover is created as that should also allow me to have an actual release date, so stay tuned for more good news on that front! 

During the turbulent year that is 2020, I hope most, if not all of you, have managed to stay healthy, happy, and have gotten to enjoy multiple books 🙂


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