August Update – One big sale!

I’ve had all three books of the Journey of an Arbais Mage series on sale since the first part of August, but I couldn’t tell you the reason. Today, finally I can.

FBBAnner4There is a 130+ self-published fantasy sale going on currently, and I cannot say you should check it out enough.


You should check it out. The place to go is HERE


Whether or not you already have a large TBR pile, this is an incredible sale full of options at an unbeatable price. Take advantage of it from today until the 20th of August. My entire series (those out so far) is up for 99c, though the only book listed on the site is When the Kingdom Falls. This sale is all books from SPFBO (the very same Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off I entered last year) previous years and current entries and (again) you should check it out. And recommend to any fantasy-loving friends about the deal as well.


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