August update! Series sale!

I managed to remember I needed to put an update at the start of the month instead of some random time in the middle/the bitter end when my mind frantically points out I’ve gotten something.

Of course, that’s not to say I haven’t forgotten things. Namely a date for now. I’m putting all three Kindle novels up for $0.99 US dollars for at least three weeks. It might be for the whole month. I’ll give a few days warning before the prices go back up to normal though.

Therefore, if you’ve been reading the books through Kindle Unlimited or haven’t gotten a full set of the series that is live so far. Now is a great time to flesh out your collection or add it.

The link to the whole series on Amazon can be found HERE.


Now, announcement number one is over. On to an update.

I have now rewritten the opening chapter to the still nameless book four 6 times. I have a sneaky suspicion I will be rewriting it another 4 or 5 times before I like it.

Due to the point-of-view, the book opens with, things keep shifting requiring me to backtrack and ensure things are still tracking without a giant hole. Also, two of the characters keep getting into an argument of epic levels and I am trying to cut out as much of the argument as I possibly can. But, with each rewrite, it keeps sneaking back so…unfamthomable amounts of delight I am experiencing at the moment on that front. Characters are challenging. I’d like to throttle three of them. For the record, they find this hilarious.

Outside of that challenge, there is still a lack of a name. I feel like book five will keep its name, which causes a problem since the name for the currently up in the air project directly tied into that. Apparently, this causes a problem.

When a name is forthcoming for book four, I’ll post it. I’d post the name for book five, but with my track record, it may end up changing by the time (if the time) ever comes.

That’s about all that’s new on the writing front. I’m toying with novellas in the series and a new series, but those will likely remain strictly something to change to when frustrations with the current project are high rather than becoming something I do anything with.

And then announcement two. Of a sort. I’m toying with the idea of mid-August trying to up my social media presence for a day and run a giveaway. Most probably on Twitter. Details will emerge as I know (decide?) more!

Happy August!


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