April Update: Indie April, Internation Book Bloggers, and the importance of reviews.

I’ve been holding off on an update as I was waiting to see if I’d have more news on the editing front of book three. Unfortunately, as of this moment, the answer to that is no, I don’t. I haven’t heard anything from my editor since my last post.

So, The Danger with Allies is still in the midst of getting viewed through professional fixing eyes, and I have been working on book four as much as I can. I’ve also been throwing around ideas for a new series, but whether I do anything more with it is anyone’s guess. It depends on how real those characters become or don’t become.

April, however, is Indie Month. And, as I’m an Indie Writer, I’ve joined in the fun as much as I can. Which means both of the current e-novels in the wild are on sale for $0.99 for the month of April.

Also, I’ve lately been seeing a lot of international book bloggers discuss the frustrations of seeing a lack of contests by authors/publishers that extend to their respective locations. I understand the frustration and I feel for you, so if you are a book blogger who is overseas from the US and are interested in receiving a copy of When the Kingdom Falls or The Price of Survival – reach out to me and let’s see if it’s possible to get a copy of those novels outside of the US.

No promises on a time/if it’s possible (shipping fees I’m slightly apprehensive of but willing to play ball with, but the inability of being able to ship somewhere is something I can sadly not fix 😦 ) but if it is possible. I’m more than happy to try to include readers outside of the US.

And now, onto one of the most important things from my end. Reviews. A lot of people dislike writing them. This I fully understand. I’m not a fan of them myself but if I really enjoy a novel (or if I really am disappointed) I will write a review. Why? Because for authors to get noticed, especially, Indie authors, we need reviews.

According to multiple reports: Amazon won’t even notice/help books with less than 15 reviews and a 3.5 star rating. With just those 15 reviews though, algorithms kick in and start pitching in outside help for the authors. Even a simple “I really enjoyed this book” or “This book wasn’t for me” is helpful and counts.

Currently – neither novel has the reviews to give them a shot at extra help. Help I definitely would be grateful for at this point. So, if you read When the Kingdom Falls or The Price of Survival and did not leave a review, I’d be grateful if you’d add a review on Amazon if you have an account, or even on Goodreads if you have an account. Or, if you have just a blog, add it in there.

Or if you have read other novels that seem to be missed by outside eyes – every review counts. Even short ones. They don’t have to sound amazing (I promise you, the ones I leave are nothing special) but every single review helps the author and all of us like to see/hear that someone enjoyed what we spent hours/days/months/years working on.


And then if you’re located in any of the many locations around the world that have undergone a tough spring (or any other season) due to natural disasters or for other reasons. Stay safe, stay strong, and I hope things are looking up for you.



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