October Update

Fall is finally here and I get to report a change of…very little in the writing sense. The Danger with Allies has a booking to get a cover soon, but I’m still out an editor and other chaos in my life may put editing even further on hold.

When the Kingdom Falls was entered into a contest against 300 other self-published books (several of which seemed to already have quite a following) and got cut in the first round with 22/30 of the novels it was grouped with. So that adventure is over. I appreciate, again, the bloggers who volunteered to be a part of this contest and to particular judge who read mine. I’m again recommending Esme’s blog The Weatherwax Report as well as recommending the blogs of her teammates: CoffeeSuperstardrifter, and BookWol as places to go to locate possible new reads to enjoy or add to your TBR lists for later.

I’m considering running a Kindle Countdown deal for The Price of Survival sometime in the near future since I just finished one on When the Kingdom Falls so I’ll try to post an update on that soon.

Onto the turmoil, I hinted at up in the first paragraph. I changed jobs last September to one I wasn’t sure would fit. For one, it wasn’t quite in my wheelhouse and for another…well, they seemed to be two seconds from losing things to chaos from internal difficulties I will refrain from explaining. So, fast forward to one year later where I feel no more delighted in or with the job than I did when I started…and it’s a sign I need to look elsewhere for a job.

I also suffer from severe anxiety so between the job, needing to get a new car, the other small things that have popped up in the last few months, losing my editor, and entering my novel in a contest were it was seen and judged publicly by stranger(s)…my writing has been suffering and I’m struggling to find a direction. My anxiety is severe enough that I will doubt simply things and writing/publishing anything further is, unfortunately, something I go back with continuously. And, due to anxiety, entering When the Kingdom Falls into the SPFBO only intensified the anxiety surrounding self-publishing/writing by a thousandth fold.

As a result, I may be keyboard silent for a while. I’m not the best at blogging or being active on social media to begin with (please accept my sincerest apologies for this) and all the stress and anxiety I am currently sifting through has only made things impossible to post an update that feels like it is worth anything to anyone who may see this.

Meaning…if I do go keyboard silent, I’m sorry, but I have nothing new to report and that is frustrating and anxiety causing (see severe anxiety listed above) so my solution is to avoid reporting nothing. If, however, an update of essentially nothing interests anyone or anyone has a question (or anyone does want the short story I offered in the previous post or one of the five copies of either currently published novel I offered HERE) please feel free to reach out either through this site or my Goodreads account which can be found HERE. Happy reading!


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