Brief update and offers

May is almost finished, and I am going out of town for two weeks as a result (okay, country). But, before I go, I wanted to extend an offer to anyone following this website. I am willing to email free Kindle copies of either When the Kingdom Falls or The Price of Survival to anyone interested in the books. I will only send one book per person, and I am only offering 5 copies of each novel, but if anyone is interested in either giving the first novel a try or continuing on with the series, I would be happy to assist. I would also be willing to offer 5 free paperback copies of each novel to anyone in the USA with the same restrictions as with the Kindle copies. I would, however, also consider sending copies overseas, but I would need to research shipping so I cannot promise a copy to anyone overseas. Especially if you would be willing to leave a review, though that is not required. So. If this offer is tempting, please reach out to me through the “get in touch” page. I promise I don’t bite.

As for an update. The current working title of book 3 is The Dangers with Allies and other than finally narrowing down a possible title, I’m about where I was before with it. I do, however, have a couple beta-readers viewing it so the process of getting the novel closer to going live is inching forward at last 🙂

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