It always seems like the year just flies by. It’s already February, and I feel like I’m still stuck in 2017. I’m not, you will find, much of a blogger, but I will do my best to post updates or random thoughts as time progresses.

The first book in my current series, When the Kingdom Falls, went live in September of 2017. As an avid reader, I promised myself I would make every effort not to become one of those authors who sits on material for years, and leaves their readers waiting for news or sight of the next edition. As it is now February, I am here to reassure anyone seeking an update, that the second book in the series,  The Price of Survival , is with the editor, and in theory coming along quite well.

If you have stumbled onto my site, and only viewed this post, I will nudge your gently in the direction of the top of this page where you will see links to other pages, including one titled “Current Novels,” should you click on such a page you will find 1) a cover for the next book in the series, and 2) a blurb, this is a small offering, but it at least may provide insurance that I am in fact working on the sequel. It may even delight you further to learn that I am actually in the midst of working on the sequel’s sequel. So, yes, there is progress, but I cannot definitively tell you when  The Price of Survival  will be ready to go live, nor can I tell you much about novel #3, expect for the fact I’d like to rename it.

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