March Update – eBook Cover Reveal!

First and Foremost:  When Forces Rises has an eBook cover!


March has started off with a lot of progress on When Forces Rise. I finished going through the markups my editor left me and then the novel was sent off to be formatted professionally. I’ve gone through the first run through and found some things that need to be tweaked, but once those are resolved When Forces Rise is now on target for a spring release rather than the summer I initially envisioned.

So, if things continue to proceed as they have been, I am now aiming for an April 14th release date! Should anything change I will make an announcement, but otherwise expect to see the ebook live the second Tuesday in April, the print book publication is still in the air.

In non-writing news: I’m currently scheduled for a root canal this coming Monday and I’ve been dealing with the consequences of an infected tooth, but I am hopeful once this is resolved I’ll be able to feel halfway human again.

I hope everyone is enjoying whatever season they are ending/heading into. May you stay safe and healthy from all the weather and illnesses that are currently going on around the world.




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