June Update – The Danger with Allies release news!

June is here. Well, it’s actually been here for four days already, but I’ve been finding the days vanish far quicker than I can keep track of them.

May ended and a semi-discouraging note regarding the release of The Danger with Allies as I wasn’t certain when/if I could get the novel to my formatter to get it prepped for release in time for a June release like I was hoping.

Well…the novel has gone through the final revision and is heading to the formatter tomorrow. Which means hopefully within a week or two it will be live! At least the Kindle version, the print version may be a week or so behind. But, considering I was worried about pushing the novel back to July, I’m thrilled to be able to change that news.

Of course, this is all tentative for the moment. It still takes a bit of time to go through the formatted novel to make sure it looks 100% correct and that I don’t find a magical error that is glaringly obvious, yet somehow missed in the hundreds of look overs from various parties (yes, these do exist.)

Outside of writing, I was able to tag along with a really close friend of mine, who I also used to work for, to a horse show on Sunday. Longggg but fun day and a reminder of what I used to do and love for a job. I have plans this weekend to take out my horse, Dakkar, for some cross country schooling with that same friend, and it’s taking all my self-control not to squeal with excitement.

As for book four, I promised myself I would get book three out due to how The Price of Survival ends, but while book four is finished in rough draft form, I am waiting to see how book three does before I make any plans about releasing another.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far, and to anyone with crazy, dangerous weather – stay safe!

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