Mid-December Update

So it looks like a couple of blog posts disappeared. How awesomely exciting is that? But, that’s fine. I’ll just start anew.

It is nearing Christmas for those who celebrate it and since I’ve been working in the equine industry for over fifteen years, I keep forgetting this. Why you may ask? Because that particular industry doesn’t exactly have holidays. I’ve generally been working.

Since it looks like I might have this year off (still trying to wrap my mind around that) I would like to extend a thank you to anyone who is working the holiday. And any others upcoming. Whether you are working in law enforcement, medical, at your own business, or a local store. If you are spending time on the clock in any manner, thank you. For some people, this is a choice because they like it, for some, it is the nature of the job. Regardless, thank you for going to work. And I hope you do get some time at some point for yourself.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday(s) and may the family drama either be limited or fun.

Now onto updates…

I’m still working on The Danger with Allies, I still enjoy it for the most part, and I am still out in the world putting out feelers for a new editor. I would like to get Allies out in the world in late spring/early summer if I can, but I need an editor first and that’s proving to be a challenge.

I’m also looking at book four with a more critical eye and having arguments with certain characters as a result. Book three starts shifting things in a couple of directions, only one of which was planned. Certain characters are also spending less time with Z while others that were not really introduced outside of name are coming forward. Some of them I like, some of them can be as vexing as Shevieck at times…which I would have once thought was impossible.

But, that is where things are. I am still either working on revisions or writing new stuff entirely so there is a background adventure to be had. It may not appear as such without any concrete dates…but I am trying to get some of those as well.

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