November Sale

Three posts in November and the month is only at the halfway point! Holy smokes!

Of course, this should be the last post for a while since I don’t have much else to report. Anyway, onto the important part. Authors in the SPFBO this year and prior are once again offering up their books for 99c! There is around 100 books available! If you’re in dire need of some new reading material and love Fantasy, I’d take a gander HERE for some amazing steals!

The sale runs from today (the 15th of November) until the 19th and the sale’s promo page has links to show you were to get your new ebook! When the Kingdom Falls is listed on the page, however, I also threw the sequel up for 99c which can be found HERE.

So, with the holidays coming up, why not treat yourself to some new books at a steal of a price. In case you need to hide from family or simply want to escape to a new world. Or, heck, I don’t judge, books are the perfect excuse to stay in bed all day whether it’s storming outside or sunny.

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