November Update/News

It’s the 8th of November, which is also known as my birthday. Another year has come and gone in a way and that’s almost terrifying. At this point though, in theory, I’m used to it šŸ˜‰

I was planning on riding Dakkar today, but unfortunately, Mr. Personality was being Mr. Horse yesterday and injured himself on magic knows what (this is very much a horse thing for those of you who do not know.Ā Sometimes you either witness the act of “fun” in action and know what happened, orĀ sometimes you’ll get lucky and find where the event went down, but most of the time you’re left with the aftermath and a great deal of frustration as you scour the ground for clues knowing full well your efforts may largely be in vain.)

So far, fingers crossed said wound is tiny though it still involved a nice wrapping refresher course for me and at least a couple days off for Dakkar. Sooooo… yeah.

Instead, I’ll visit my baby to ensure he hasn’t turned said bandage into “new toy” and hope the snow/sleet/rain/sun/back to a snow/sleet/rain thing we had going on yesterday doesn’t repeat itself today. For those of you who have never visited Colorado, this is a thing. Colorado is very proud to fit all four seasons into the course of an hour for kicks. Eighteen years ago, upon my first birthday in Colorado, the weather started at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny before clouds rolled in and we went through a rain, sleet, hail, snow (where the temp dropped to 32 degrees Fahrenheit) period of about an hour and accumulated 2 inches of snow before returning to the forecasted weather of the day going in reverse. After the snow went back up through the weather changes to rain, it ended up being 75 degrees Fahrenheit. All this loveliness happened in about three hours and I had never been so confused. Now though, those weather challenges of Colorado are old hat.


Can you guess what news I have with The Danger with Allies? Yep, not much. I’ve gone through it about a hundred more times, my writer’s group is still going through it ever so slowly as beta readers and still loving it, and I’m still looking for an editor while searching for a new job. So…no news on that front yet šŸ˜¦

I have the short story regarding Z’s acquisition of Kyi’rinn and the unedited/unformatted version is still available if anyone is curious.

New news though! While I never participate in NaNoWriMo (though I love the concept and wish everyone participating the absolute best) I did pick up a new project for kicks on the 5th. I’m writing a bit of a back story for the universe of the Arbais Mage Series. I haven’t decided how long/if I think it’s worth sticking with, but I decided to return to Z’s childhood following her escape from Tenia and her first experiences with Nivo – the deceased Ranger Scholar who broke her out of the Tenian dungeon and who was one of the main people who assisted Z in overcoming her trauma enough to make her safe to be around. The project, to my surprise, is following Nivo, which is half the reason I’m not sure what will end up happening.

But, the project is happily already 15k words in writing and with how much I’ve been away from the computer overall, I’m excited. And if the project makes it, anyone who is curious about why Z is so damn unapproachable and violent will get a little more insight into why that is and just how much she’s improved since she escaped Tenia, how much she had to overcome. Though I know Z’s past quite well, it’s always interesting and hard to return to such a dark time in the series. Plus, since Nivo was murdered (not a spoiler, but it was a minor note in When the Kingdom Falls so if you missed/forgot it no worries) only a few years after rescuing Z from Tenia, this is the only way to really introduce him. And Kitra gets some more screen time.

In the meantime, I’m still feeling more inclined to radio silence since I 1) have so little to report and 2) am suffering from the anxiety of having so little to report.

When the Kingdom Falls andĀ The Price of Survival are going to be part of a discounted price again soon.Ā When the Kingdom FallsĀ because a group of us from the SPFBO competition are running another group discount, andĀ The Price of SurvivalĀ simply because I’m praying someone new likes the series enough to pick up the second one.

Also, because it’s my birthday, I’d be happy to offer up to 10 free ebook copies of the novel(s) through Amazon/Kindle for today only. I’d just require an Amazon linked email so I could send it as a gift through Amazon so it’s official. If anyone is interested, feel free to drop me an email at or, if you have questions/interest in the very rough draft of the short story regarding Z’s sword, or just want to talk, feel free to reach out as well. I do not give out information I receive for any reason and I will not use your email for anything other than either a reply to a message or to send the free ebook novel(s).

I hope November is starting off by treating everyone well, I’m going to go snuggle with Ziva while I work on my latest project and continue to poke atĀ The Danger with Allies.Ā 

Happy November everyone, and for those doingĀ NaNoWriMo, best of luck and have fun writing!

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