Another June update: tentative name for book three

I am still in Spain, but I am working on things as promised. To that front, I have chosen a working title again for the third book in the series. While it may not remain until publication, I am happy enough with it to share it. So, book, for the moment, is being referred to as The Dangers with Allies. Don’t read too much into the title, or do, but other than nailing down a title to refer to the book by, there is not much progress on the novel. Revisions are still in process, I am still watching the sales of the first two novels, and The Dangers with Allies is now in the hands, before the eyes, of a couple beta readers.

Which, for the record, I am always interested in hearing from fans, so feel free to reach out. I hope everyone’s summer is starting off with promise. This is one of my shortest posts – celebration may be necessary!

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