April Update

The year is flying by. Winter is still hanging on in Colorado though Summer is also present. Forty or more degree drops between days is keeping everyone living on their toes, and pretty much destroys any attempts at gardening. Lots of people are trying to grow things at the moment, but the only safe-ish time to plant in Colorado is after Mother’s Day.

But, on to the more important matters.  The Price of Survival is officially ready to go live. Hopefully, it will be available starting tomorrow, Friday the 13th of April. At least, the Kindle version. The paperback version still needs a few steps before it can be made public.

I’m hoping readers will enjoy the second installment of the Journey of an Arbais Mage series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Book three is still in the revision stage, but the rough draft is at least done.

Enjoy the weather and the longer days – longer days make for more reading!

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